Sonik mod minecraft

Sonik mod minecraft

Sonik mod minecraft


by Crafty days

Cartoon sonic for minecraft pe bedrock, parkour challenges and adventures.

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Bedrock games have never seen such speed! A very popular cartoon character and a series of games Sonic the Hedgehog with all his friends and opponents will break into the biomes of your favorite game. You will have the opportunity to play a role-playing game on online servers because the application contains not only a large gallery of popular skins of sonic, robotnik, Miles, Tails, Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Shadow the Hedgehog, Doctor Ivo, Eggman, Rouge the Bat, Silver the Hedgehog , Rabbit Cream and even Sonic Exe. Explore the universe of sonic dash with your friends on your android device. Explore mysterious maps offline, combine various addons with sonic mod. 3D landscapes, with detailed cartoon characters. Cool tests including parkour, incredible speed, new superpowers and much more contains the sonic addon. Unique mobs sonic mcpe, sonic boom - an application that will open before you a high-speed adventure and the creation of a sonic skin. The addon is very easy to download and install, regular updates make it interesting and fun, which will make you always look individual and interesting. The addon is compatible with all versions of tablets and android phones, as well as with all versions of minecraft bedrock, which will allow you to install it even on the newest versions of the original game. Support for 60 frames per second and famous soundtracks will completely immerse you in the vanilla world, and using the unique ability to fly, climb and hover will give you new sensations and passing levels. Traveling through the locations of the game, you will meet the hedgehog and his friends more than once, but do not rush to interact with them because sonic exe is an evil version of the blue hedgehog, he will attack you, he is on the side of the enemy Dr. Eggman. Cartoon characters will become your faithful companion that will allow you to explore the pixel world and the most popular characters. The sonic runner is so fast that it leaves footprints like a flash superhero. So what are you waiting for? Modification of sonic for android perfectly diversifies the gameplay and adds a huge number of new blocks, characters, mobs, monsters, enemies and much more! Forward to meet adventure and sonic runner. Adaptation of Sega Sonic into the world of creepers and ender dragons. The free mobile game will give you the most complete version of Sonic the hedgehog 2 to date, with full compatibility with new versions of the original game. The Hedgehog's special ability to dash, jump and spin while smashing classic blocks in its path in an endless hedgehog sandbox game. Once you tame the hedgehog or his friend you won't be able to stop in this running game. Running games with Sonic, ride amazing tracks with your friends on online servers. The running game adventure has already begun, what are you waiting for? Fly at the speed of light to new adventures. DISCLAIMER: NOT AN OFFICIAL MINECRAFT PRODUCT. NOT APPROVED OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG. All rights reserved. According to All files available for download in this application are provided under the terms of the free distribution license. If you have any problems with violation of your intellectual property rights or any other agreement, please contact our support team by email:, we will immediately take the necessary measures.

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