Six Ways How To Protect Camera From Damage

Six Ways How To Protect Camera From Damage Pict By. SLRLounge

How to care for a digital camera to make it more durable is very necessary because this camera has sensitive components that are easily damaged. In addition, the price to repair it is not cheap.

Same with other electronic items that often require special care, so when you have a digital camera you have to be prepared to take care of it properly so it doesn't get damaged quickly. This needs to be done especially if we live in the tropics with high humidity.

This condition is one of the main reasons for you to always maintain camera protection and care to reduce humidity so that the camera and lens are more durable and last longer.

1. Use a Camera Bag

If you plan to use the camera for outdoor hunting, be sure to take it with you using a special digital camera bag. By using a special camera bag you can stay safe when carrying it.

This special bag is equipped with a soft pad that can protect the camera from any kind of impact. In this special bag, there is a special space to store lenses, camera chargers, filters, and other equipment that will support your photography activities.

By using this special bag, you can minimize the risk of the camera being damaged. Please note, avoid putting the camera in a regular bag or backpack because this type of bag is not equipped with a protector to keep the camera safe.

2. Use Filters To Protect Lenses

How to care for the camera so that it always lasts is to pay attention to the protection of the lens. Yes, you can install a UV filter on your lens to keep it awake. Installing a filter on the lens will not reduce the quality of the images taken.

Protective UV Filter serves to protect the lens from the bad effects of sunlight that contains iltraviolet. In addition, the function of this filter is also to prevent dust and dirt from sticking to the lens.

3. Protect Camera LCD With Screen Protector

How to take care of digital cameras, especially DSLRs, is to attach a screen protector or screen guard to the LCD. By using this protector, it will help keep the screen from being scratched or exposed to fingerprints.

Even this camera protector will keep the LCD screen protected from water or dust directly. For that, don't forget to attach an LCD screen protector to keep it smooth and clean.

4. Clean the Lens Body Periodically

Not only doing detailed maintenance on camera parts, but you also have to pay attention to the cleanliness of the body and the camera lens itself. Being a core part of the camera, you must regularly clean the camera body and lens so that they are always in good condition.

You can clean the camera body and lens by using a special cleaning fluid to treat the camera body and lens. Apply the liquid to a soft cloth, then rub the cloth all over the body as well as the camera lens. Reach all parts of the body and camera lens, don't miss anything.

For lenses, be sure to always attach a lens cap when the lens is not in use. The lens cap will protect the camera lens from dust or fingerprints. In addition, the lens cap function is also able to keep the lens clean and protected from all impacts.

5. Care for Camera Batteries

So that the quality of the battery is also maintained and remains durable, do not allow the camera battery to be stored in a room with an extreme temperature of 43 degrees Celsius. Don't forget to charge the battery if you haven't used the camera for a long time.

6. Store Camera in Dry Box

The right way to care for the camera is to store it in a dry box. Storing it in a dry box can keep the camera from getting moldy. Yes, if you store the camera in a humid place, it can make the camera moldy, especially on the optical part of the lens.

Storing it in a dry box will protect the camera from extreme temperature changes. As the name implies, this storage box will keep your camera dry and avoid moisture that can damage the camera's internal components. 

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