Difference Between Digital Camera And Analog Camera

Difference Between Digital And Analog Camera Pict By. Petapixel

The camera is actually a tool used to take pictures in the world of photography. Currently there are at least two types of cameras that are commonly known, namely digital cameras and analog cameras.

Both are indeed cameras, which are capable of capturing images or photos of an object. The shape is not much different.

1. Photo Fee

If you want to move and view your shots using a digital camera, you don't need to pay any additional costs. Guys. You only need a laptop or computer.

As for analog cameras, you have to spend more money to see your shots. And now, a place to wash a photo from an analog camera is very rare to find.

2. Ability to Capture Light

The next difference is in the ability to catch a light. This time, analog cameras are indeed more effective in capturing all incoming light, so the final result is even more beautiful.

3. Editing Process

Generally, if you want to edit a photo that comes from a digital camera, you only need a special photo editing application. In contrast to analog cameras, the editing process is at the film washing stage which uses a special chemical liquid to make the results more attractive.

4. Storage Media

If you use a digital camera, you will immediately be able to see the photos you take. This is because digital cameras use a memory card to store the file, so your shots can be seen immediately.

While analog cameras, you can not see the shots at the same time. You need to wash the storage media first if you want to see the results. Hmm, it's a bit tricky.

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