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Colorear: Shadow seguro de sí mismo


Shadow seguro de sí mismo

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46 Comentarios: “Colorear: Shadow seguro de sí mismo”

  1. yoyania says:

    para sonrrisa a mi me gustan todos los sonics como son y mis sonics favoritos son Sonic y Cream

  2. rosy the hedgehog says:

    se ve genial shadow es la cosa mas linda que he visto ecepto de sonic the hedgehog xD
    me encanta sonic y shadow

  3. angel says:

    shadow es mi personaje favorito de sonic aparte de sonic y silver

  4. angel luis says:

    yo tengo mi abitacion de dibujos de chadow puto angel says

  5. fernando says:

    el siempre esta conesa cara y aparte megustan sus colores

  6. ale the hedgehog says:

    shadow es genial pero sonic es mas GENIAL

  7. amy rose says:

    les digo algo pero no le digan a sonic shadow meama

  8. Luciano says:

    Luciano maldonado :
    Abril 23/04/12.

    shadow es genial me gustan sus poderes todos los dias juego an un juegos de shadow .

  9. Leo says:

    ..“SEGA is incredibly happy at the ovrlehelmingwy positive response to Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I from both press and fans around the world, and wants to ensure that we’re delivering the best Sonic experience possible I don’t think that about 45% of the fans being against this game is a very good thing SEGA, fuck you. Just when I started to like Sonic again SEGA let me down and told me more things that we all already knew SEGA just likes to pretend the leaks didn’t happen

  10. Apoey says:

    Well, I guess I don’t mind this kind of news, though I was exitcepng something bigger.But think of the delay as a good thing; Sega announced that 06 was going to be a huge comeback for Sonic, and they stupidly rushed the game for release, and look what happened? It’s not a horrible game (to me) but it could use a lot of work. They are being cautious and I can wait, it will be worth it.

  11. Blaze The Cat says:

    Si saves tanto,¿lo vais a decir aquí?

  12. Shadow the werehog says:

    Shadow para mi es el mejor personaje de sonic Su primer juego: Sonic adventure 2 y cancion:Im all of me

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